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Casey Armstrong
Administrative Assistant

Casey began "volunteering" in the office of Enfield Baptist Church about 20 years ago, serving in various roles throughout that time. She began serving in the role of Administrative Assistant a few years ago.  


Casey grew up in Enfield, NC with a palomino pleasure horse named Angel. She does not remember a time in her life when horses were not a significant factor. Casey and Angel spent many years together on the show circuit and when Casey went off to Meredith College, it was not an academic decision but the fact that Meredith had an equine program and Angel could also attend.


After the two of them graduated from college with a B.A. degree in Sociology, Casey settled into a career as an agent with the State Bureau of Investigation, but still found time to maintain her equine interests. After marriage slowed down her gun-toting years, a fascination with the level of conditioning and grooming of Thoroughbred yearlings at the summer sales at Keeneland led her to seek employment with Three Chimneys Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. This unique experience stretched into five years of commuting between Enfield and Kentucky, working with the yearlings on the farm in the summers and then at the sales.

Casey is married to her high school sweetheart, Larry Armstrong, also of Enfield, NC. They have a beautiful daughter named Sarah who is happily married to Tyler Brann.


While for many years Casey's joy has been a “not so quiet” horse show mother as she watched her daughter, Sarah, compete in the show ring, she now has an additional joy. Little Liam was born to Sarah and Tyler on November 29, 2020. It is safe to say he will be in a saddle like his mom and Casey as soon as he's big enough!

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